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Bag Dumping Station

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Navector
Condition: New

Product Details

SUS304 25KG small bag feeding station, bag dump station.

Used Bag Dump Station

Flexicon Bag Dump Station

Brief Introduction

Bag dump stations (also known as bulk material dumping station or manual dumping station, manual sack discharging, bag emptying machine) are used for solve dust polllution when dumping powder, pellets, particles, flakes, fiber, or bulk solids.

Different quantitative feeder can be selected according to the different capacity and process reuqirements.

It can be used to positive pressure feeding as well as negative pressure feeding.


● The ergonomic simulation design meets the space layout of personnel comfortable feeding operation.

● Built-in independent dust removal device, the wind speed of the operation surface interface is not less than 0.3m/S, no dust overflow.

● Equipped with a perforated grille, which is beneficial to prevent the packaging from falling off.

● The collecting bin is equipped with flow-assisting parts, which is convenient for material emptying.

● Simple structure, quick disassembly and maintenance.

● Pulse backflushing control, effectively ensure long-term operation of the equipment.

● Can meet the requirements of different processing capacity.

Parameters for Dust-free feeding station






Maximum static pressure (Kpa)





Work stress (Kpa)





Maximum volume (m3/h)





Motor power(Kw)





Electrical source


Transmission capacity 5(m)















Transporting pipe diameter (mm)





Inspiratory tube diameter (mm)





Applicable equipment

All kinds of extrusion and injection molding machine, various mixing machine

Application for Manual tipping station:

Bag Dump Station
Bulk Bag Dump Stations
Vacuum powder feeding station
Super Sack Dump Stations

manual sack discharging Application
bag emptying machine Manufacturer

sack tip station Suppliers
small bag dumping station Factory
Manual Bag Dump Station Company

Bag Dumping Station: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is bag dump station?

The bag dump station is a cost-effective and practical solution for emptying pouches of material in a safe, dust-free manner. A bag dump station usually consists of a hopper, outlet cone, hinged lid, bag support and dust collection port.

What is the principle of the bag dump and screening station?

bag dump and screening station

The working principle of the dust-free feeding station is as follows:

1. The dust-free screening and feeding station is divided into upper and lower main parts, the upper part is for dust collection, and the lower part is for raw material screening or raw material conveying.

2. The upper part collects the dust to the high-density filter element through the negative pressure fan. After a period of time, the filter element is back blown through the pulse device, and the dust falls into the lower straight screen for sieving. The principle of back blowing realizes the reuse of materials and ensures that Raw materials are not lost.

3. Lower screening equipment: It can be matched with straight row screen, rotary vibrating screen, ultrasonic vibrating screen, screw conveyor and positive pressure or vacuum conveying system.

4. The selection standard is determined according to the customer's suitability for material screening and material receiving.

Can the dust-free feeding station really be dust-free?

When the bagged material is fed, there is a dust phenomenon. The dust-laden gas enters the platform box under the action of the induced draft fan at the feeding station. The dust flows to the filter element with the airflow. The dust is retained on the surface of the filter element and cannot be discharged with the gas, so as to achieve the effect of gas and dust separation. The whole process is sealed conveying, screening, no dust flying.

What is the main function of the backflushing device on the dust-free feeding station?

The back-flushing function is to blow the material adsorbed on the filter element, so as to recover the dust adsorbed on the filter element during feeding.

What are the benefits of using a dust-free feeding station?

The advantages of using in the system are:

1. The dust-free screening and feeding station is specially designed for the dust-free feeding and screening system of raw materials. Large air volume for dust collection, strict control of dust flying, no dust leakage, dust-free environmental protection, no loss of materials during feeding, and protection of a clean environment.

2. The whole equipment is made of 304 stainless steel, which meets food-grade hygiene standards.

3. The jet-type self-cleaning high-density filter element is used, which does not need to be replaced frequently. The equipment is placed indoors to ensure clean gas.

4. The safe mechanical support design not only greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, but also ensures the safety and environmental protection standards, and eliminates potential safety hazards.

5. Ouli Wolong motor, IP65 protection level, completely prevents dust from entering, and low-pressure spray at any angle has no effect.

6. The design of the discharge components for the front and rear air supply can meet the transportation of various raw materials.

What issues need to be considered when purchasing a dust-free feeding station?

1. Scenarios and uses

There are many types and brands of dust-free feeding stations on the market today. Different types of dust-free feeding stations are suitable for different scenarios and specific uses. Before purchasing equipment, the purchasing personnel of the entity production enterprise should determine the scenarios and usage requirements for later use.

2. Use the specific properties of the object

Every entity manufacturing company purchases a dust-free feeding station to bring greater convenience to normal production, so different companies will also target the use of the equipment after purchasing the equipment. Not exactly the same. When purchasing a dust-free feeding station, enterprise purchasers need to consider the specific attributes of the objects to be used later, such as the size, weight, and performance of the objects to be used. Factors such as the size, weight and performance of the objects used should be taken into account.

3. The material of the equipment

As we all know, there are big differences in the material and price of dust-free feeding stations of different brands. The same is true for the necessary equipment for dust-free feeding station manufacturers. The production materials and functional models of unpacking stations produced by different manufacturers are not exactly the same. Therefore, when purchasing an unpacking station, be sure to pay attention to the production materials of the equipment itself.

The above is a summary of the issues that need to be considered when purchasing a dust-free feeding station. In fact, there are far more factors to consider when purchasing professional unpacking station equipment than the above three. In addition, the relevant purchasers also need to consider many factors such as the strength and market reputation of the unpacking station equipme.

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