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Three Functions Of Rotary Vibrating Screen

Rotary vibrating screen, a type of circular vibrating screen, is a conventional standard vibrating screen, which is often used to screen various materials, dry, wet, etc. Next, we will briefly introduce the three majors of the rotary vibrating screen. Common effects.

1. Size classification. The rotary vibrating screen can be divided into one layer, two layers, three layers, etc. The more the layers, the more grades and finer the materials being sieved. This effect is more suitable for the screening and classification of dry materials.

2. Screening impurities. The rotary vibrating sieve is just like the linear vibrating sieve. It can also remove impurities contained in the material very well. If there are large particles in the powdery material, the rotary vibrating sieve can quickly screen.

3. Solid-liquid separation. In the production of enterprises, the materials of many manufacturers are solid-liquid mixed. Take soybean milk for example. Granular solid beans often appear in it, and the rotary sieve can achieve solid-liquid separation very well, which will satisfy the enterprise Effect.

The above three items are functions that conventional rotary screens can complete, but the size, material, and number of screen layers of the rotary screens used by the enterprise are different in these three links, and the general work flow is the same.