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Treatment Method For Reducing Noise In Rotary Vibrating Screen

Rotary screens have been widely used in various industries. In various screening operations, a certain amount of noise will be generated when the screens are running. In some special workshops or production environments, the noise requirements of the screens are relatively high. Vibrating screen for effective noise reduction.

All vibrating screens will generate noise during operation. The reasons for noise generation and noise reduction methods are listed below.

1. The foundation of the vibrating screen is uneven. The unevenness mentioned here has two points. One is the unevenness at the use site, which only needs to be resolved by the user. The second is that the base of the vibrating screen is uneven, and the base flange is not flat. After welding, there are deformations, and it must be corrected to be a qualified product.

2. The seal is too thin and the beam ring is deformed. When the seal is too thin or the beam ring is deformed, the beam ring cannot fully lock the screen frame, causing a small collision between the beam ring and the screen frame; Replace the thicker seal and recalibrate the beam ring.

3. The material of the bouncing ball or ball ring is not suitable; some vibrating screen manufacturers use some hard ball rings, such as PVC. The advantages of this type of ball ring are wear resistance, long life, but very noisy Large, Ou Linjia machinery recommends the use of rubber or silicone ball rings, which can effectively reduce the noise during the operation of the vibrating screen.

4. Vibration motor; The noise generated by the vibration motor itself can be solved by replacing the better sealed motor.